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We often don’t get up on the roof to check the condition of our gutters, but the gutters and downpipes on a home are more important than you think – we are gutter experts servicing all of Adelaide and will come to you to replace, fix and install gutters, in Adelaide.

Old gutters that leak or overflow can cause extensive damage and if your guttering and downpipes are not up to the correct standard, the ramifications can be very expensive. This can cause rotting of facia timbers and eaves, which can lead to major repairs for your home. This cost will be in addition to the cost of new gutters.

ROOF + can put your mind at ease by supplying and fitting quality Colorbond steel gutters, downpipes and fascias to your home. Colorbond gutters will add value, beautify and protect your home for years to come. Our 25 year guarantee gives you the peace of mind that when the next bout of wild weather hits your home, your gutters & downpipes will stand up to the test.

Get a quote today for all your gutter needs, at Roof Plus. Simply call us on 8261 1244.



  • 115mm and 125mm Quad profiles, up to 6213m2 capacity
  • Suitable for older style colonial homes and new home construction


  • Traditional 125mm width, up to 4432m2 capacity
  • Ideal choice for use on both traditional and modern homes


  • Hi-tensile steel with a modern finish
  • Traditional shape used on new homes
  • Can be adapted to re-guttering
  • Base designed to fit 75mm pops
  • Available slotted


  • Larger 138mm width, up to 8748m2 capacity
  • Suitable for use on both timber and steel fascia
  • Increased water carrying capacity and low maintenance


  • Larger 148mm width, up to 7703m2 capacity
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial application
  • Large width with curved base provides self-cleaning
  • Increase water carrying capacity and low maintenance


  • 45mm hi-tensile steel in Zinc / alum or colour
  • Stronger and deeper stiffening ribs to  reduce any rippling on the front face
  • Large bend radii minimises the risk of paint breakdown
  • Extra width at the top of the fascia provides added stiffness


  • Square, rectangular and round downpipes are available in many sizes to suit any application
  • Available in galvanised, zinc/alum and a huge range of roofing colours
  • Full range of accessories include pips, straps, stand-off brackets and elbows


  • Available in 0.55mm bmt to provide a stronger and straighter finish
  • Roll type ridge capping is available with turn out breaks or suited for scribing into roof sheets
  • An alternate 3 bend ridge cap can be pressed to your exact requirements


  • 375mm wide valley provides greater water carrying capacity than traditional options
  • Available in 0.55mm bmt to provide a stronger and straighter finish


  • Square Tail Barge capping is suited to most contemporary and modern homes
  • Roll barges have a curved edge that creates a traditional form that blends beautifully with corrugated sheeting.