Roof Restoration Adelaide

When did you last have your roof inspected?

Take a walk outside and look at your roof.

Is your roof 15 years or older?

Have your tiles lost their shine?

Can you see cracks appearing in your ridge capping cement?

Is there lichen or moss showing on the surface of your tiles?

Did you realise that if you answered yes to any of these questions that you are probably NOT covered by your household insurance? This will be because you have not maintained your roof properly.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is time you call us for roof restoration services.

ROOF will have a trained professional have a look over your roof restoration needs.

ROOF offer a free no obligation roof inspection service, where one of our qualified roofing inspectors can take a closer look at your roof and suggest to you, the best course of action to return your roof to its former glory.

The problem with roof tiles is after the first ten years of being on your roof the clear protective glazing is usually all but gone. The oxides that makes up the colour on your roof then start to be lost eventually exposing your tiles to bare cement allowing them to become porous and absorb water. This will cause the tiles to break down over the years.

Ridge capping cement also cracks and falls out over the years allowing birds and vermin into your roof cavity. The other problem with ridge capping is that when they become loose they become a hazard in strong wind and storm conditions, as they could potentially fall off and hurt someone or break something. If you let moisture into your roof it will cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Visit our roof restoration process page for more information or simply call us on 08 8261 1244

15 year warranty with Acryloc Reflect +

ROOF are registered Acryloc Reflect + Applicators.   Acryloc Reflect + Membrane is not a paint. Acryloc Reflect + membrane encapsulates the roof tile and protects your roof for years to come. The Acryloc Reflect + membrane  has been designed specifically for roof tiles and has been tried and tested for years with magnificent results. Best of all, unlike many roofing applications on the market the Acryloc Reflect + Membrane is non toxic and your rain water is safe. If you rely on drinking water from you rainwater tank, you will be able to drink your rainwater without a worry. See our Ultimate Roof Protection page for more information about Acryloc Reflect +

If you’re not sure on the condition of your roof and think you made need roof restoration in Adelaide, contact ROOF on 08 8261 1244.