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ROOF would like to introduce you to a product by Stratco called Maximus corrugated roofing.  As an authorised roofing dealer for Stratco, we specialise in the use of Maximus corrugated roofing which has a timeless appeal combined with strength and versatility.

Adding more choice and additional features, this deeper, rounder, well-formed Maximus corrugated profile now provides the ultimate solution and adaptability to all steel roofing and walling applications.  This is available in two profile depths; Maximus 22 and Maximus 33 in unpainted Zinc/al, as well as an attractive range of pre-painted colours.

The 22mm Maximus corrugated roofing is available in either .42mm or .45mm BMT variety in all 22 colours, providing a much stronger and more appealing option for roofing.  Maximus roofing is made from high tensile steel, for strength and reliability.  The added strength from the .45mm option ensures you are choosing the best product for your roof, able to withstand the strongest foot traffic from solar installation, air conditioning units and various trades.

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Roofing & Cladding Adelaide

We offer a wide range of traditional and modern roofing and cladding options. Our roofing and cladding profiles are durable, strong and available in a range of materials, metal grades, colours and shapes. Whether for commercial, industrial, rural or domestic use, the variety of products in our roofing and cladding range have been designed to meet your
specific applications.

If you are building in the harsh Australian outback or in coastal or industrial environments, we can provide the right advice, the right profiles and the right finishes to meet your needs.

Based in Adelaide, we can provide solutions for all your re-roofing and roof restoration needs!


  • 762mm Coverage, minimum 5 degree pitch
  • .42mm and .48mm bmt options
  • practical & versatile roofing solution
  • CGI Corrugated is made from high tensile steel for strength and impact resistance
  • Available in long lengths for added life and enhanced appearance.


  • 762mm and 838mm coverage, minimum 2 degree pitch
  • .42mm, .45mm, .48mm bmt options
  • 22mm and 33mm depths
  • Deeper, rounder and stronger with larger spanning capabilities
  • Full range of colours.



  • 762mm Coverage, minimum 2 degree pitch
  • .42mm and .48mm bmt options
  • Trapezoidal shape makes it a popular choice for a wide variety of applications
  • For low cost, pierce fix, industrial roofing, Superdek is the material to choose.


  • 700mm coverage
  • .42 and .48mm bmt options
  • Concealed fix profile with Topdek clips
  • Provides a clean and strong finish, without visible fixings
  • Allows for thermal expansion and contraction.




  • 700mm coverage
  • .42 and .48mm bmt options
  • Nine rib profile provides maximum strength
  • Ideal use for roofing and walling application.




  • 650mm coverage, minimum 1 degree pitch
  • .42 and .48mm bmt options
  • Ideal for use on verandahs with large spanning capabilities
  • Suited for long length industrial roofing and domestic application on low pitch.



  • 762mm coverage, minimum 5 degree pitch
  • .60mm bmt, pre curved or spring curved
  • Curved for bullnose, concave, barrel vaulting or convex application.




  • 1000mm coverage, minimum 2 degree pitch
  • CGI and Classic profiles
  • 50, 75 and 100mm thickness options with an insulated rating up to 2.8
  • Cooldek reduces heat and noise from above, keeping your home cool and comfortable
  • Cooldek features a polystyrene core that is permanently bonded to a smooth coloured steel underside and a profiled coloured steel topside




  • Polycarbonate is a very durable, high impact translucent sheeting with 99.9% UV protection
  • Available in a variety of profiles and colours
  • Metallic options incorporating heat reflective properties.